Abc EXIF Viewer

Select a photo to instantly view the EXIF information for your photo.
All features are based on browser-based HTML5 technology, no need to upload files to the server, safe and secure.
Note: This program is implemented through the HTML5 feature of the browser. All the processing is on the browser, the file will not be uploaded to the server, and your photo will not be revealed. Please feel free to use it.

File Properties

EXIF Properties

  • {{ getValue(exifData, key) }}

XMP Properties

  • {{ getValue(xmpData, key) }}

Abc EXIF Viewer Features

  1. Safe and secure, no need to upload files, rely on browser HTML5 technology to achieve functionality
  2. Fast, after selecting a photo, you can view the EXIF of the photo right away
  3. Very little traffic consumption, no need to upload huge photo files to the server
  4. Cross-platform, iOS / iPad / Android / Windows / Mac, etc. can be used, mobile phones, computers support
  5. Lightweight, just load a web page to view EXIF data
  6. XMP(Extensible Metadata Platform) supported



Abc EXIF Viewer

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