Abc File Manager

View file size, file name, modification time, and type online.

This program runs only on the client, doesn't upload file data.
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Abc File Manager This gadget can view the file size, file name, type, and last modification time. In Apple iPhone iOS (iPhone/iPad), the system cannot directly view the size of the photo file, nor can it view the file name of the photo. This tool is to solve this problem, enter this page, you can view the size of the photo file in iOS. After the program loads the webpage, when you select a file, the script in the webpage can get the file size, file name, modification time, and type. All the processes are done locally in the browser, with the help of the browser itself. HTML5 capabilities. So, don't worry about your files being uploaded to the server, because all processing is done locally in the browser, no data needs to be uploaded, and no data is leaked. So don't worry, if you are still worried, you can do this: After entering this page, turn off WiFi and traffic, then select the file, you can still see the size, name, type and other attributes of the photo file. Thank you.

What file formats are supported?
Support all file formats, jpg, gif, mov, doc, pdf, mp3, aac, audio files, video files...etc. All file formats are supported. After testing, when selecting files, in iOS 11/12+, the Files app has been able to select files from other apps. By selecting these files, you can see the file name, size, modification time and so on.