Pick Pic

A tool to extract pictures. Export pictures from files such as epub / apk / zip.
Mobile phones and computers can be used.
Note: This program is implemented through the HTML5 feature of the browser. All the processing is on the browser, the file will not be uploaded to the server, and your data will not be revealed.


Pick Pic Features

  1. All handle browser-based HTML5 technology, no need to upload files to the server, faster
  2. No need to upload files, data is safer
  3. Support multiple files, epub, apk, zip...
  4. More convenient without installing an app
  5. Support multi-select files, select multiple epub files at a time, and export your favorite pictures from multiple e-books


Pick Pic 更新记录

  1. v1.0.1



  2. v1.0.0

    支持导出 epub、apk、zip 文件中的图片。

    支持图片下载(Windows Chrome 测试通过)。

    TODO: 多语言还没完成。


Pick Pic